Good Heart Tech’s mission is to help other nonprofits and marginalized populations with tech. Technology should empower people to be more productive and focus on what’s important. We aim to bolster other nonprofits with technology so they can have a more significant impact.

Just drop us a line on our Contact page and let us know what kind of services interest you.  Whether you are an individual or with a nonprofit, we’d love to have you as a partner.

We were founded in, and mainly work out of Boise, but we have some clients in other states.  That being said, we can provide most of our services completely remotely.  If you are wondering if we can support you, drop us a line.

We’re a nonprofit that specializes in and does research on technology for nonprofits.   All of our volunteers also happen to be wizards with technology, and we can use our expertise to improve your use of technology. If you have a technological project or problem in mind, we can help you overcome it. 

We’re willing to work with whatever you have and recommend solutions compatible with your current systems.  If you’re looking to replace some old tech, we can recommend the latest and greatest.  We’ve seen just about any configuration or setup you can imagine.  In other words, we’re very flexible.  See our Services page for more information and a full-service listing.

If the below statements apply to your nonprofit, you may not be eligible for free services.  In those cases, we can offer discounted rates.  Please reach out to learn more.

  • Employ 15 or more paid staff (not including Americorp volunteers)
  • Receive $500,000 or more per year in funding from government sources
  • Are funded or managed by a religious organization

Empowering Altruists With Tech

Founded in 2019, Good Heart Technology is a volunteer-run, Boise-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the productivity and efficiency of people and nonprofits by empowering them with technology.  Good Heart Tech’s volunteers have many years of IT experience serving businesses of all sizes all over the United States.  We work with many nonprofits to improve their productivity and help them be more impactful.  All donations go directly to other nonprofits’ tech.

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Help Us Help The Community

Support local nonprofits just by using our services.  All proceeds go directly toward helping local community members in their missions.  From saving animals to assisting the homeless, you can be a part of bolstering your community, simply by choosing us as your IT provider.


Support is only a phone call or email away.

Always There For You

Dealing with IT issues doesn’t have to be an ordeal.


From projects to consulting, we can help you or your org get to where you want to go.

Taking Care of Business

We’ll analyze your business processes and infrastructure from top to bottom to find the right solution for you.


We have years of industry experience and have serviced countless different kinds of businesses.

Trusted Technicians

Whether you’re an individual or with a nonprofit, we can all bolster the community together.

Our Business Partners

These business partners provide outstanding services to Good Heart Tech to allow us to support our nonprofit partners.

PC Recyclers of Idaho
PC Recyclers of Idaho
Simeon Cloud
Level: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Software
Hudu: The Ultimate IT Documentation Tool

Meet Our Team