Your One-Stop Shop

We can assist with almost any IT project you can think up.  If you want to know about the possibilities, we’re here to guide you.  By working with us, you strengthen your organization for the long term by securing and optimizing your technology.  All these services are free for eligible nonprofits.


Do you know what is going on with your IT?


Do you know what is really going on in your network?  It’s important to fully understand the capabilities and barriers that your hardware and software yield.  We can identify risks and opportunities based on your current infrastructure and needs.

People You Can Trust

When something goes wrong, we’re able to provide remote and on-site support.  After one call or email to us, we’ll dispatch an engineer to work on your issue as soon as possible.  But it’s not enough to know someone will be there to help.  You need to know that the person can explain why this happened and how they are going to ensure it doesn’t happen again, all with a smile.

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