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Be a Good Heart Technology Partner

Free IT Services for Nonprofits

We understand the challenges nonprofits face with technology. As a nonprofit ourselves, we’re here to help. Our skilled volunteers offer free consulting services and technology support. Partnering with Good Heart Tech brings expertise and tools to maximize your impact. Review eligibility requirements on this page. 

Empower your mission with powerful technology solutions

Good Heart Tech believes that nonprofits should never be hindered by technology. Allow us to equip you with the tools, expertise, and security measures necessary to create a meaningful impact.

We invest time in understanding your organization’s objectives, obstacles, and financial limitations, collaborating closely with you to design tailored solutions.

We’re ready to support you with:

  • Strategic Planning: We work closely with you to develop a technology strategy that aligns with your organization’s goals. We’ll help you identify areas where technology can enhance your operations and maximize your efficiency.

  • Software Selection: Choosing the right software solutions can be overwhelming. Our volunteers will guide you through the process, evaluating your needs and recommending the most suitable software options for your nonprofit.

  • Security: Protecting your nonprofit’s data and sensitive information is of utmost importance. We will help you establish robust security measures, including implementing firewalls, antivirus software, data encryption, and best practices to safeguard your digital assets.

  • Data Management: Efficient data management is crucial for nonprofits. We’ll assist you in implementing effective data management systems, ensuring that you can collect, analyze, and utilize data to make informed decisions and demonstrate your impact.

  • Technical Support: Our team is here to provide ongoing technical support for your organization. Whether you encounter IT issues or need assistance with software training, our volunteers are just a call or email away.

Meet Our Nonprofit Partners

These are some of the fantastic organizations we work with to improve their use of technology and empower them to have a greater impact in our community.

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Free Nonprofit Toolkit

Free Nonprofit Toolkit

With so many options when it comes to technology, it can be overwhelming to trying to pick the right one.  We’ve created a resource that may help to guide to you toward the products, services, and vendors that we at Good Heart Tech recommend.  Enjoy the free resource, and feel free to reach out if you need any assistance with procurement or implementation.

Words from our Partners

“The Good Heart team has been immensely supportive as we’ve expanded operations. They were instrumental in helping us move to a new office and get our systems set up quickly. Their team is knowledgable, friendly, and a total pleasure to work with. I cannot say enough positive things, their support means so much to all of us. “

“Good Heart Technology kindly did a complete overhaul of Jesse Tree’s network and supported Jesse Tree’s Operations Manager to implement more streamlined tools to further automate Jesse Tree’s technology needs. There was no judgment and no grief, only professionalism, and positivity! GHT is such an amazing resource for the nonprofit community in Boise–technology is such a huge barrier for a lot of agencies, and having such kind and knowledgeable staff working with these important organizations is going to have an amazingly positive impact on our community as a whole!”

Cassandra Artukovich, Jesse Tree

“Having a service provider who goes out of their way to suggest additional ways they can help is above and beyond. So often providers do the bare minimum. GHT seeks out ways that my organization can operate better, even if it means much more work on their side. I am truly grateful for their partnership.”

Leslie Scantling, Flock Cancer Idaho

“Tech has been some of the work in the past that has preoccupied our team’s energy. We are so grateful for GHT so that now we can utilize our energy and time towards our mission and creative outlets. Huge thank you, we are so grateful!.”

Genevieve Nutting, Womeness Community

“When I was introduced to Good Heart Technology (GHT) our website was not functional, communication and media accounts were either in disarray or expired, and most of the services we once provided were no longer available to the community. GHT has brought our organization back to life, our mission and vision are renewed, and we continue the work of sharing opportunities for empathy.”

Michael Armand, Idaho Empathy Network

“The people at Good Heart Technology have been incredibly helpful in navigating various IT-related challenges. They’ve even provided free laptops, a desktop, and a printer. I am incredibly grateful for their support! They’re also super friendly and kind, which makes having them in the office a joy.”

“Good Heart Technology has proven to be instrumental for our businesses Intersport Group, Inc. and Advanced Materials Components Express, LLC. Their outstanding skills combined with the highest level of online data privacy and security was exactly what we needed to break the cycle of trying to do everything in-house. We finally felt like we found a group that could be trusted and transparent as we improved the IT functions of both businesses. With Great Heart Technology, we found a true IT partner.”

Dona Dowlan, Intersport Group

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