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“Good Heart Technology has proven to be instrumental for our businesses Intersport Group, Inc. and Advanced Materials Components Express, LLC. Their outstanding skills combined with the highest level of online data privacy and security was exactly what we needed to break the cycle of trying to do everything in-house. We finally felt like we found a group that could be trusted and transparent as we improved the IT functions of both businesses. With Great Heart Technology, we found a true IT partner.”

Dona Dowlan, Intersport Group

“The guys at Good Heart Technology have been incredibly helpful in navigating various IT-related challenges. They’ve even provided free laptops, a desktop, and a printer. I am incredibly grateful for their support! They’re also super friendly and kind, which makes having them in the office a joy.”

“Good Heart was able to build out my website super fast and I could not be happier with it!  They were very communicative and listened to everything that I had to say.  In the end, what they delivered met my business’s needs perfectly!”

Kate Callahan, Nutrition DeJunked