Cloudflare provides a free basic CDN service that helps thwart DDoS and other cyber attacks with advanced features available at special nonprofit rates through TechSoup. Cloudflare CDN is a content delivery network with enterprise-grade speed and reliability. It is an ideal solution for nonprofit websites as it provides a range of benefits such as:

  • Free SSL certificates: SSL certificates from Cloudflare are essential for nonprofit websites because they help ensure secure data transmission between websites and visitors, protecting sensitive information and boosting rankings.
  • Custom redirect rules: Cloudflare allows you to create custom redirect rules to redirect traffic to specific pages or URLs 2.
  • Security protections: Cloudflare provides a range of security protections such as DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Bot Management.
  • Speed enhancements: Cloudflare CDN caches your website’s content on its global server network, resulting in faster page load times.

Cloudflare CDN is a powerful tool that can help protect nonprofit websites from cyber attacks, even with its publically available free tier. It provides a range of features that can help keep your website safe and secure. For example, Cloudflare CDN provides DDoS protection, which can help prevent your website from being taken down by malicious actors. Additionally, Cloudflare CDN provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which can help protect your website from common web application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Cloudflare CDN also provides a range of speed enhancements that can help improve your website’s performance. For example, Cloudflare CDN caches your website’s content on its global network of servers, which can help reduce page load times. Additionally, Cloudflare CDN provides a range of optimization features, such as image optimization and minification, which can help reduce the size of your website’s files and improve its performance.

In conclusion, Cloudflare CDN is an excellent choice for nonprofit websites looking to improve security and performance. With its free basic CDN service, Cloudflare CDN is a highly effective solution for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.