Nonprofit Technology Usage Report

Updated XXX by Good Heart Technology’s daily custom automation.

The goal of this project is to help summarize US-based nonprofit use of technology.  Basic information about the organization is pulled from the IRS website.  Our custom automation then runs daily and uses various methods to probe public APIs to identify the technologies in use for each organization.

Overall Statistics

  • XXX total organizations were found, but XXX were omitted because they didn’t have recent tax documents or didn’t list a website URL.
  • XXX of the organizations with organizations have website URLs posted on their tax forms
    • XXX of the organizations had an inaccessible website URL
  • XXX organizations have websites configured on their primary domain
  • XXX organizations have email services configured on their primary domain


  • XX% of the total XXXX organizations have an active website
  • Website Host XX%: InterServer, AWS,, Squarespace, Wix
  • Website Platform XX%: WordPress website out of total active websites

Email Platform %

  • XX% of the total XXXX organizations with websites have an active email system on the same domain
  • Google Workspace XX%, Microsoft 365 XX%, Microsoft Exchange On-Premise XX%, GoDaddy XX%

Security Technologies in Use

  • XX% organizations have DKIM enabled
  • XX% organizations have DMARC enabled
  • XX% organizations has an SPF record published
  • XX% organizations have DNSSEC enabled
  • What other technologies can we identify?  @chris?

DNS Registrar %

  • Google Domains XX%, GoDaddy XX%, Cloudflare XX%, XX%

CDN Provider %

  • XX% of the total XXXX organizations with websites have an active CDN
  • Cloudflare XX%