Fast and secure wireless network has become essential for nonprofits to deliver their mission effectively. Nonprofits rely on reliable connectivity for day-to-day operations, event management, and engaging with their communities. In this blog post, we will explore how nonprofits can benefit from secure and high-performing wireless solutions, such as Aruba Instant On and Meraki, along with the Mobile Beacon Hotspot, while emphasizing the importance of network health and recommended lifecycle practices for network hardware.

Both the Aruba Instant On and Cisco Meraki solutions provide centralized and intuitive cloud-based management of network infrastructure, simplifying network monitoring, troubleshooting, and configuration changes.

Aruba Instant On: Secure and Fast Wireless Networking

Aruba Instant On is an ideal wireless networking solution for nonprofits, providing a balance between security and performance. The AP22 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and 1960 or 1930 series network switches offer the following benefits:

  • Secure Wireless Connectivity: Aruba Instant On ensures robust security features, including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2/WPA3), firewall protection, and secure guest access. This safeguards nonprofit data and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Fast and Reliable Performance: The AP22 WAPs deliver high-speed wireless connectivity, supporting the bandwidth demands of nonprofit applications and ensuring a seamless user experience for staff, volunteers, and visitors.
  • Easy Deployment and Management: Aruba Instant On simplifies network deployment and management through an intuitive web-based interface, allowing nonprofits to focus on their core mission rather than complex network configurations.

Cisco Meraki: Value and Performance in Wireless Networking

Cisco Meraki offers advanced wireless solutions with a focus on ease of use and comprehensive management capabilities. While it comes at a higher price point, the value it provides to nonprofits is noteworthy:

  • Superior Performance: Meraki Wireless Access Points and switches deliver exceptional performance and coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity even in high-density environments or large event spaces.
  • TechSoup Discount: Nonprofits can take advantage of TechSoup’s discount programs to acquire Meraki devices at a more affordable cost, maximizing the value they receive for their investment.

Mobile Beacon Hotspot: Affordable Mobile Internet Access

For nonprofits that require internet access on the go, the Mobile Beacon Hotspot is an excellent solution:

  • Affordable Connectivity: Nonprofits can obtain the Mobile Beacon Hotspot at a low cost of around $15 fee to start, and at renewal $100 per year through TechSoup, offering an affordable and reliable way to access the internet during mobile events, registrations, and other nonprofit activities.
  • Easy Setup and Portability: The Mobile Beacon Hotspot is compact, portable, and simple to set up, providing instant internet access wherever it is needed.
  • Reliable Connection: With a Mobile Beacon Hotspot, nonprofits can ensure a consistent and stable internet connection, supporting their mobile operations and enhancing their outreach efforts.

Importance of Network Health and Lifecycle Management:

To maintain optimal network performance, nonprofits should prioritize network health and adhere to recommended lifecycle practices, including:

  • Regular Hardware Upgrades: Network switches and WAPs should be upgraded periodically to benefit from improved performance, enhanced security features, and compatibility with the latest technologies.
  • Avoid Wireless Repeaters: Wireless repeaters can degrade network performance and introduce connectivity issues. Instead, hardwiring all access points to network switches ensures a more reliable and robust wireless network.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Nonprofits should regularly monitor their network infrastructure, address any performance issues promptly, and implement proactive maintenance to prevent potential disruptions.


Secure and fast wireless networking is essential for nonprofits to fulfill their missions effectively. By leveraging solutions like Aruba Instant On or Meraki, nonprofits can benefit from secure connectivity, reliable performance, and simplified management. Additionally, the Mobile Beacon Hotspot provides affordable mobile internet access for on-the-go activities. Remember to prioritize network health, upgrade hardware when necessary, and follow recommended lifecycle practices to ensure a robust and efficient network infrastructure. At Good Heart Tech, we’re dedicated to assisting nonprofits in optimizing their technology infrastructure. Contact us today to explore how we can help your organization leverage these wireless solutions and achieve your goals with maximum efficiency and impact.