At Good Heart Technology, our mission is to utilize IT services for positive social impact. In our latest article, “Creating a Cloud-Hosted Signal Proxy to Help People Communicate in Iran,” we offer a practical solution to address communication limitations in the country.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Please note that this guide requires familiarity with command-line interfaces and public DNS management. It is crucial to have a general understanding of managing public DNS and comfort with command-line interfaces for a successful implementation. Prioritize your safety and security at all times.

Significance: The Iranian government’s restrictions on communication platforms have hindered individuals’ ability to connect freely. Our guide presents a cloud-hosted Signal proxy, enabling Iranians to bypass these limitations and communicate securely. By implementing this solution, individuals can use Signal, an encrypted messaging application, even where it is typically inaccessible.

We firmly oppose government-sponsored restrictions on communication and information access. Our article seeks to empower Iranians to communicate without fear of surveillance or censorship. We stand alongside other organizations and individuals advocating for an open and inclusive internet for all.

Good Heart Technology strives to make a difference for individuals facing communication restrictions and government oppression. Our article, “Creating a Cloud-Hosted Signal Proxy to Help People Communicate in Iran,” offers a practical guide to bypass limitations and enable secure communication.  We urge those with the necessary technical knowledge to proceed cautiously and implement this proxy to empower individuals and communities. Together, we can leverage technology to create a more open and inclusive world where communication and information flow freely, transcending geographic and political constraints.